Quelina J.


Hey Sis! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m excited to get to know you better. Let’s start with an introduction. I’ll go first.

I’m Quelina Jones, but all my friends call me Que. So, you can too. :) I’m a Richmond native, writer and speaker who focuses on women's empowerment and growth through transparency. I’m a strategic communicator and a profound storyteller. I believe the first step to living your best life is healing your wounds. Through this blog, I share my own struggles and triumphs in hopes of inspiring other women to heal from the inside out.

I am also the mother of two brilliant and beautiful daughters; a twenty year old young woman affectionately known as "Q" and a baby girl whom I like to call “Jax". When not on mommy-duty or writing jaw dropping scripts and personal essays, I am studying full-time to receive my business degree. In addition to being a student of life, I am scheduled to make my debut as an author with the release of my non-fiction book. Stay tuned for the release date. In the meantime, I have added screenwriter to my list of literary accomplishments and I just shot my very own short-film back in April.

I am a lover of God and believe in the servant leader approach to ministry and life. To that end, I am an active volunteer in my community. For the last fifteen years, I have led the Bright Beginnings Program, a program I am extremely passionate about that provides clothing, shoes and supplies to underserved youth in the Richmond metropolitan community. I also served on the membership and engagement committee for UNIFI, a black employee network group. Additionally, I was a member of the Young Women's Leadership Alliance (YWLA), a young professionals board established by the YWCA of Richmond, during its inaugural year and served for two terms.


Advanced Communicator Bronze Certification, 2019

Volunteer Leadership Award, 2017

President Obama Volunteer Service Award, 2014

Stanislavski based Acting Certification, 2012

Competent Communicator Certification, 2012